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•    The player is just starting to play and has no other sports background.
•    Minimal understanding of the rules of the game

•    Player has limited experience.
•    You can hold a short rally with players of equal skills.
•    Basic ability to keep score.

•    Understands the fundamentals.
•    Learning proper positioning on the court.
•    Know the fundamental rules and can keep score and now play tournaments.

•    Moves quickly into the “Non-Volley Zone” when there is an opportunity.
•    Recognizes the difference between hard play and soft play and is beginning to vary their own play during recreation and tournament play.
•    Can sustain short rallies.
•    Learning proper positioning on the court.

•    Know teammate’s position on the court and is able to move as a team.
•    Demonstrates the ability to change directions offensively.
•    Demonstrates extensive knowledge of the rules of the game.
•    Has a moderate number of unforced errors per game.
•    Starts looking for more competitive games.

•    Has good footwork and moves well to the side, back, and forwards.
•    Utilizes weight transfer for more efficient footwork.
•    Able to change direction easily.  Very comfortable playing in the Non-Volley Zone
•    Communicates and moves well with a partner.
•    Stacks court positions

•    Master pickleball strategies and can vary strategies and play styles in competitive or tournament matches.
•    Is successful in turning defensive shots into offensive shots.
•    Has efficient footwork and effective use of weight transfer to improve quickness on the court.
•    Easily and quickly adjust play style and game plan according to opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and court position.

•    Player is a high-caliber player.
•    Performance and tournament wins speak to the players ability to consistently perform at high levels.

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